About Kobbe

The goals of kobbe are trying out technology and techiques that don’t always fit in my day-to-day job, and helping teams with the knowledge I gained with these experiments.

While testing technologies with toy-projects is fun, it only becomes really interesting when you need to deliver an actual project.

As a professional developer, I have the experience to quickly deliver quality products. With kobbe, I’m mostly interested in smaller projects. Projects where I can get you started with your own web solution. Projects that need an extra hand or someone who’s done the research already.

I can help you avoid the cost of a full-featured CMS-based hosted solution if all you need is a landing page and a mailbox.

I can help you with setting up your staticly generated site using Hugo (or any other weapon of choice).

I can help you change your UI workflow by introducing component libraries and asset pipelines.

If you can handle dumb jokes, you can reach me on info@kobbe.be.